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Privacy notice

Your privacy matters to Traveline and so we want to explain how we are careful with the information you provide about yourself, your location and your journeys.

Some Traveline websites use cookies, (small files sent to your computer), which allow the Traveline websites to recognise your browser and any preferences you may have set or other information you have given when using Traveline previously. This information will be used to improve your experience when using the Traveline websites. In line with the ICO advice on the use of Cookies we are starting to provide information on the cookies we use and to obtain your consent. You are always able to prevent cookies from being installed on your computer by adjusting your browser settings. For more information about cookies and how to disable them, you should consult the help section of your browser. Please be aware that some features on the Traveline websites may only work if you set your browser to use cookies.

When you tick the box to provide your consent to use cookies then we will use a cookie to remember this and unless you use another browser or clear your cookies, we will not ask you again for 6 months.

Traveline websites keep a log of all enquiries which may include information about the places and times being requested, the IP address and information about the device that you are using. This provides valuable information to improve public transport and the Traveline service. Traveline will only use this information for research and any results published will be anonymised.

Traveline, or its contractors, may contact you on the telephone number, text number or email address that you provide for the purpose of monitoring the quality of service provided or to provide details of major changes to the service. Traveline will only release your contact details to third parties if you have given your consent.

If you have any questions about the privacy of your data when using Traveline, please contact us.

Traveline uses cookies to give you a better service. For further information about how we use cookies and are careful with information you provide to Traveline, please see our privacy notice.

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